The Importance of Good Sleep for Good Health

We have all at some point in our lives heard and used the phrase “sleep it off”, but are you aware just how important it is to have a solid and regular sleeping pattern in order to maintain the best standard of health possible? It is easy to generalise and say that a good night’s sleep can do you the world of good, but let’s break it down and get in to some of the reasons that achieving an optimum rest can really benefit your health.Less PainThough it can be hard to get to sleep when suffering from chronic pain, research has shown to prove that sleeping and being a person who is well rested can act somewhat as a natural pain reliever, with discoveries made that appear to show links between a lack of sleep and a low pain threshold.Weight ControlInterestingly, your metabolism and sleep are controlled by the same sectors inside your brain. University studies showed that dieters who maintained a regular sleeping pattern lost up to 56% more fat than those who were less rested, and this is due that appetite driving hormones that are released when a person is suffering from tiredness.Improved Memory and AlertnessSleep has a profound impact on the daily performance of our brains. Getting the correct amount of sleep can vastly improve neurological function ranging from memory to hand eye coordination to general alertness, and this not only helps to improve your bodily functions but can also improve mood and psychological well being. People suffering with fatigue have been proven to be less synchronized in body and in mind.Heart HealthYou might not immediately associate sleep with the matters of the heart, but a number of incredibly serious heart problems including hypertension and an irregular heartbeat have been linked to sleep disorders and the effects they can have all over the body. Keeping a regular resting pattern can keep your hear equally regular.