Ways to Quit Smoking

quit_smoking_361935386So, you want to kick the habit and put an end to smoking. By simply taking the first step of realization, you can start to change your lifestyle, and live a better life. But what should serve as your next steps in quitting the habit?

Weighed up the options

Well, you can count on a number of strategies and steps, and the steps that you can take will depend on the degree of dependence on nicotine that you end up with. Three popular strategies that you can use is to try nicotine replacement therapies, use snus, or just stay busy.You’ve weighed up the options and it has finally hit you, that it is time to quit smoking once and for all. The good news is you’ve taken the biggest step already by making the decision in the first place, but now you need to follow this up to change your habits, your lifestyle and your overall life.There are many ways to commit to this change in your lifestyle, and the steps necessary can vary based on how dependent you were on nicotine previously. Follow this link to discover some of the best ways to help you give up smoking

Nicotine Replacement Therapies

If you have been smoking for years, and an abrupt stop of the habit is not part of the plan, then the nicotine replacement therapies can work. These are recommended by medical professionals if the person finds it hard to kick the habit. There are different therapies and products available, including nicotine patches, lozenges, and gum. You can also try inhalers and sprays. Using these products can help dampen your intense cravings for nicotine.If you need a more gradual way into quitting smoking, nicotine replacement therapies should be one of the possibilities that you look into. As one of the treatments most recommended by medical professionals, it is perfect for people trying to quit but currently struggling to get over the habit.Nicotine replacements can come in many forms, including edibles such as lozenges and chewing gums, or nicotine patches, inhalers and sprays. These products are designed to quell the cravings that many suffer due to the withdrawal of nicotine.

Powder Tobacco

Another popular method or approach to kick the habit is by using Swedish Snus. In Sweden, the most popular way of ending the dependence on cigarettes is by using snus, a moist powder made from tobacco that’s applied under the person’s upper lip.According to Guardian News, this product was first used in Scandinavia in the 19th century, and the popularity of this tobacco product soared in the 1970s. In Sweden, locals, particularly males, are turning to snus as an alternative to tobacco, and it shows. According to one study, many ex-smokers in Sweden are now using snus, and they never looked back!Originally made in the 19th century, Snus are a moist powder that is made of tobacco which is then smeared under the person’s upper lip. The use of Snus increased vastly throughout the 1970s, and has recently been in the news as it has emerged that these are being increasingly used by Premier League footballers as an alternative to tobacco. The benefits of using Snus instead of smoking have been looked into, with numerous studies showing that many ex-smokers have never looked back since using the product. .

Keep Yourself Active

Finally, you can stop and forget about smoking by simply keeping yourself busy. Reader’s Digest listed some of the best steps. You can take a walk, jog, read, or talk to friends. If you are too preoccupied with other things, your mind can easily set aside smoking.Last but not least, you can always distract yourself just by being busy! Whether it is taking some time to go outside for a walk or a jog, finding a new book for you to delve into or just having a chat with family and friends, there are hundreds of ways to occupy your time and your mind with things to make you forget about smoking.